Triple mould press


WET CONCRETE PRESSES Fielding and Platt wet concrete presses comprises two basic press types, the single mould and the triple mould capable of exerting a maximum force of 400 tonnes (4 MN).

The wet press process has since become recognised as the process by which the highest quality concrete paving slabs and kerbs are made. It is the specified process in the UK and the Middle East and is also preferred in other countries. The wet pressing process involves compressing a wet concrete slurry under a hydraulic press in on order to remove the excess water. Filters either side of the concrete ensure only water is extracted resulting in a fully compacted material with a near optimum water/cement ratio. A vacuum system removes the extracted water resulting in a product which can be ejected from the mould and stacked for final curing. Production rates can be up to 12 products per minute.


The flagship of concrete pressing is the 3-Mould Rotary Press. By using a hydraulic pressing process and rotary table system, this machine is one of the most efficient ways of producing pressed concrete products.

Forest Press supply everything you need for the 3-Mould press. From a simple seal or filter, to a gearbox, mould table, or even to complete press, we pride ourselves in our supply ability!